so... what is the blog all about?

190510_ headphonaught in Starbucks #1 (crop)

Hey there... my name is Thomas aka Headphonaught and I'm a 30-something follower of God in the way of Jesus. I live in Motherwell, Scotland; with Olly, my two lovely daughters, Dayna & Miriam, and a Cairn Terrier called Pippin.

I'm big on photography and 35mm film... I dig obscure soul, classic rock and glitchy IDM.... I love rich coffee, design, charityshopping, and my iPhone.

Most of all... I'm big on God's love and wish to see His new love economy extended.

The thing is... I really love photography and wanted to showcase some of my pics.

I have a lot of material on Flickr and wanted to learn the skill of self-editing... so I created this photoblog with one aim - to trawl through my sets and pick what I consider to be my best... and then share them with you... one photo per day.

As for this blog... its pretty simple... over and above the one photo per day, you will see a list of the photos in numeric order - some have the date they were taken in the title and others don't; you will also see a series of labels... basically I've tried to identify if the pic is film or digital... what camera it was taken with... and where it was taken.

I hope that makes sense... and I really do hope you like my pics.


PS I blog here too :: headphonaught's nanolog